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Our highly skilled consultants have extensive business and technology experience. Using this knowledge, each consultant takes in consideration existing technology and how it can play an integral role in improving business processes. After assessing the business situation, our team offers recommendations and assists in implementing the solution that best fits each customer.
Our team has the expertise needed to maintain the applications in a predictable, cost-effective manner — giving the customer the freedom to focus on its strategic business.
Helping the customer to reduce the cost and complexity of maintaining the applications is our goal. We can provide hosted solutions for our products.

We use an implementation methodology that gives the project team the flexibility to outline important milestones and tasks during the implementation. Using this approach, our customers can decide on the extent of our role in the implementation process. Our team then helps supplement the project with the necessary resources and skills.have a broad range of experience involving single site, multi-site and multi-national business situations; and a strong track record of delivering rapid, cost-effective and quality implementations. Our consultants are certified and have extensive Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation experience.

We provide training and education programs through hands-on classes and workshops. We take great pride in working closely with our customers to find the right training approach.